The Israeli Business Club

The Israeli Business Club introduces itself

The main aim of the Israeli Business Club is to stand up against global anti-Semitism and to strengthen the cohesion of liberal and democratic states. In intergovernmental exchange on a cultural, scientific and economic level, we provide an opportunity for human to-human interaction.

The international Israeli Business Club sees itself as a proactive bridge of understanding between Israel, the USA and Germany.

We believe that the synergies that can be achieved between high-level business contacts from the USA, Israel, and Germany are infinite.

And we are making those vital connections happen. Members of the international and exclusive Israeli Business Club are business leaders of companies in the USA, Israel and Germany.

The Israeli Business Club pursues exclusively and directly charitable purpose.

There can be juristical and natural persons as member of the Israeli Business Club. There are full and sponsoring members.

IBC`s Current Voices

The Podcast of the Israeli Business Club

Chief of Board Sinisa Toroman talking to different people with current voices.